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Hello and welcome to
Sugar River Senior Center! 

UFO Day / Fall Marketplace Vendors please scroll down on the volunteer page for our registration form. Thanks!


Hiking with Poles

Out to Lunch

First Tuesday of the month at 10:00am

Out to Dinner
Fourth Wednesday of the Month at 4:30pm


First Wednesday of the Month at 9:00am

Coffee Hour

Second, Third, Fourth Tuesday of the Month at 9:00am

Movie Day

Second and Fourth Friday of the Month at 9:30am

Craft Hour

Second Wednesday of the Month at 10:00 am

Diamond Painting Class

Third Wednesday of the Month at 10:00am


Cooking Class with Melody

Fourth Wednesday of the Month at 1:00pm



First & Third Fridays of the Month at 12:00pm


Second & Fourth Friday of the Month at 12:00pm


Second Wednesday of the Month at 12:00pm

For more program info click here


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Thank you to Brendan Lynch
for our new Sugar River
Senior Center Logo!


Brendan is a Graphic Designer
and Group Art Supervisor of BioLumina New York, NY. He graciously donated his time and talents to design a new logo for our Senior Center.


Brendan is the brother-in-law of Renee, our case manager. He lives in New York City, and you have likely seen some of his work in Kohl’s Department Store ads, as well as on the packaging for Kimberly Clark products, like Kleenex and others.

Thank you, Brendan!

Logo New.jpg
Thank You Flower Bouquet_edited.jpg

We would like to send a BIG THANK YOU out to Vicky Weasler, for all of her time & dedica-tion to our senior center & craft program.

Vicky has been leading our craft group and helping to keep our little Craft Shoppe filled                                         with beautiful items, as well 

                                   as planning & implemen-
                                   ting our Fall Craft Market                                           on UFO Day. We appreciate 
                                   all the time and effort she                                         has put into our program
                                   and wish her well as she
                                   enjoys retirement!


Elderly Woman at Gym

Blood Pressure

First Monday of the Month 10:00-12:00
By appointment only

Healing Touch with Mara
Every Tuesday by appointment only


First & Third Thursdays of the Month
by appointment only

Tai Chi Classes

Every Monday of the month at 9:30am

Basic Line Dancing Class
Every Thursday of the Month at 1:00pm


Coming Soon Yoga!!

For more Health & Wellness info click here    


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